Ordinary members of the Slovenian Corporate Treasurers Association (SCTA) are natural persons. A person can become an honorary member in case of special achievements in the development of corporate finance if the recognition is accepted.

Everybody, also foreigners, can become a member of the SCTA if following conditions are fulfilled:

  • University degree of economic sciences or related fields and at least three years corporate finance experience (or University degree of other sciences and at least five years corporate finance experience)
  • Accepts the Association's statute and other documents, acts accordingly.
  • Signs the registration form.

Rights of SCTA's Members are:

  • elect and can be elected into the Association's organs,
  • participate in the execution of the Association's program and work in Association's organs,
  • give propositions for the Association's work and development,
  • have insight into the work of the Association's organs and t share opinions.

Obligations of SCTA's Members are:

  • participate in the work of Association's organs,
  • act according to the statute and other official documents of the Association as well as the decisions of Association's organs,
  • help with their actions and examples by the realization of the Association's program,
  • pay the membership fee regularly (250,00 EUR annually).

The membership in the Association ceases with the resignation, expulsion, cancellation or death. A member resigns from the Association with a written statement of resignation.

For more about the membership terms see the statute.

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